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DAS APP--Ursa by JinjooHat DAS APP--Ursa by JinjooHat

I've took your heart,
It's more than you deserve,
Now wander this land,
For the master you serve,

Your master forsook you,
Yet you seek his favor,
And further into darkness,
What drives your fervor?

I've sealed your heart,
Your touch is cold,
Yet you wander near warmth,
and restrict to his mold.

You're no longer called Rest,
You're name is now Death,
I've taken your heart,
Come with us instead.

~Ka-In, when speaking to Karenos.

Death is

Things Pertaining to Appearance and Items


:bulletblue: Ursa


:bulletblue: 97

[Date of Birth]

:bulletblue: June 1, 1916


:bulletblue: Epren*. Abysmos*.

Epren is a country besides the sea. Instead of magic and spirits, the manipulation of auras like the waves of the ocean are their focus.

Abysmos are those that have black veins, but do not have the mental powers of a mind eater. There is a legend that circulates around the origins of the Mind Eater and the Abysmos...


:bulletblue: Male


:bulletblue: 5'3"

[Body Type]

:bulletblue: Scrappy, boney.

[Hair Color]

:bulletblue: Dull blue

[Eye Color]

:bulletblue: Light Blue

[Visible Markings &/or Scars]

:bulletblue: The usual black veins.
:bulletblue:Where his heart has been ripped out, there is a concentrated amount of black veins in that area.

[Weaponry &/or Accessories]

:bulletblue: Veins turn into hand daggers.
:bulletblue: A baseball and a bouncy ball.


:bulletblue: T-shirt, bandages (he's not wounded there, but he just likes wearing them), and a cap. His style is non-intrusive colors.

On things related to the character's own personality and past...


:bulletblue: A lot of things he keeps inside. He doesn't like starting arguments and he says things in resignation. He's quiet.
:bulletblue: However, he might have inherited a bit of Undine's stubborness...


:bulletblue: Baseball
:bulletblue: Swimming
:bulletblue: Talkative people (he doesn't like holding a conversation. He's quiet)


:bulletblue: Awkward silences
:bulletblue: Being ignored (can you spot the irony here?)
:bulletblue: Selfish thoughts (from himself. He doesn't like feeling selfish)


:bulletblue: Born in Epren, son of Undine. He ran from home after an argument with his mother.
:bulletblue: He met Nate (wandering like a jellyfish no doubt) in a makeshift baseball field next to an abandoned church. He convinced Nate to play Wall Ball with him.
:bulletblue: A friendship is made and they played wall ball for some time (though Ursa by that time returned back to Undine and got a terrible scolding). For a few weeks, they hung out until one day Nate didn't show up.
:bulletblue: Curious, he tracked down Nate's aura and found to a Mind Eater.

"'re here, but I haven't felt your presence."

"I'm good at hiding my mom taught it to me," said Ursa, looking down at his shoes nervously. "Err, Mister, you know Nate, 'cause I want to play with him..."

"You could be useful to me."

"Eh, what?"

:bulletblue: Thus Ursa was claimed by Nicolae.

:bulletblue: He shown up briefly, wandering upon Starbled until a crazed Noroe, controlled by Satsuki, came upon him and tore his heart out. In short, he's only been on the chat for like three posts. OTL.
:bulletblue: He was revived using Kieran's wish by the Earth Goddess Amaryllis during the Fantasy War event.

Whereas we come upon the portion of powers and skills.


:bulletblue: As an Abysmos, his black veins can form to weapons, but they must be small in form (see weapons).
:bulletblue: Aura manipulation--Class: Canceller*

In Epren, those with blood can perform aura manipulations, but like everything else, there's a focus for application. For Ursa, he chose to be a Canceller, which, like it says, cancels his presence and other auras. A further application means he can cancel powers as well by sponging, redirection, and neutralization.


:bulletblue: Trained in handling a dagger and close-range combat (Epren martial arts)
:bulletblue: Covert activities
:bulletblue: Wall ball and baseball


:bulletblue: Very good at dodging
:bulletblue: Hiding, spying.
:bulletblue: Good reflexes


:bulletblue: This might be a temporary weakness, but after being dead, his muscles are not being used to sneaking. He makes too much noise now...OTL
:bulletblue: Unlike Undine, there's not much power in his attacks
:bulletblue: Bad at head-on fights
:bulletblue: Body of a child
:bulletblue: Aura cancelling takes a bit of time...

[Other descriptions &/or icons?]

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